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archiv euromedica | 2022 | vol. 12 |special Issue| archiv euromedica | 2022 | vol. 12 |Special Issue|

Call For Papers

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Russian aggression in Ukraine resulted in tens of thousands wounded military and civilian casualties which need to utilize different types of treatment and rehabilitation. This makes the subject of providing highly skilled medical and surgical care for wounded genuinely relevant.

The Editorial Board of medical Journal “Archiv Euromedica” is working on a specialized issue of our Journal on military and rehabilitative medicine including papers by authors from Ukraine and Germany.

You are welcome to contribute to this project if you submit a paper on the subject of battlefield and rehabilitative medicine. Or a video presenting an example of novel surgical procedures or regenerative medicine applications.

We would be also grateful for words of support addressed to Ukrainian colleagues.

If you are interested in our project, please do not hesitate to email us in English or German at: or

Sincerely Yours,

Dr. Georg Tyminski



Oleksandr Buryanov

Editorial: Greetings from Ukrainian Doctors

Michael Dubilet

Editorial: Military field hospital "Kohav Meir" (Israel) in Ukraine

Georg Tyminski

Editorial: Special Issue on Military Medicine

Original Articles

Olexandr Burianov, YuriiYarmoliuk , Mykola Gritsai, Serhii Derkach, Taras Omelchenko, Volodymyr Lianskorunskyi

Modern approaches to replacing the method of fixation in gunshot fractures of long bones

Yurii Klapchuk, Oleksandr Buryanov, Taras Omelchenko, Volodymyr Protsenko, Dmytro Los, Murat Bazarov,Yevgen Solonitsyn

Individual 3D print PEEK matrix is ​​a possible tactical solution in the treatment of large defects of the diaphysis of the humerus. Description of two clinical cases

Andryi Kalashnikov, Yurii Stavinskyi, Taras Osadchuk, Yurii Litun, Volodymyr Protsenko, Yevgen Solonitsyn