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Anamaria Ciubara MD PhD, Head of Psychiatry Department, Senior Psychiatrist,Hab. Professor at Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy European Conference of Psychiatry and Mental Health "Galatia"

Anamaria Ciubara MD PhD, Head of Psychiatry Department, Senior Psychiatrist, Hab. Professor at Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, University "Dunarea de Jos", Galati, Romania

Dear Colleagues,

The European Conference of Psychiatry and Mental Health, also known as "Galatia," is an event that takes place on a yearly basis and recently completed its sixth edition in the spring of the year 2022. This annual conference is the most prominent event in both the primary care and mental health sectors of the medical field. When it comes to the topic of mental health integration, the conference offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to share information, research, and best practices. Additionally, it serves as a premier platform for attendees to meet individuals who have devised creative ways to have a measurable impact on the lives of people all over the world. Engage in conversation with other people and exchange ideas with them; build new connections with people who are driving change; and learn something completely new. 

Mental health professionals get together to discuss the most recent advancements in their field. The event provides participants with a plethora of opportunities to network with colleagues and partners from different regions in an engaging setting. The event continues to place an emphasis on collaboration and new ideas in order to reduce the gaps that exist between evidence and practice, as well as to facilitate and accelerate the process of incorporating into clinical practice innovative treatments that have been shown to be both safe and effective.

The European Conference on Psychiatry and Mental Health named "Galatia 2022,"  was held in Galati, Romania, from March 23–27 and was organized by the Dunărea de Jos University's Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy in close collaboration with the “Elisabeta Doamna” Psychiatric Hospital and the Romanian Academy. The entire event was held online, using a website built especially for it. The topic of "Interdisciplinarity in Psychiatry" was this year's prime aspect.

A broad group of medical professionals, including psychiatrists from around the world, general practitioners, specialists who interact with psychiatry on a regular basis, pharmacists, psychologists, philosophers, sociologists, and experts in a wide range of other fields, have already committed to attending this significant medical conference.

Among the confirmed keynote speakers was Dr. Silvana Galderisi, full professor of psychiatry, director of the emergency unit of the Department of Mental Health at the University of Campania, Luigi Vanvitelli, and coordinator of the outpatient unit for anxiety and psychotic disorders and the rehabilitation program for severe mental disorders of the same department. She is President Elect of the Italian Society for Psychopathology (SOPSI), Past President of the European Psychiatric Association (EPA), Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Ethics of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA), and Co-Chair of the WPA Working Group "Implementing alternatives to coercion in mental health care."

The president of the conference, university professor doctor Anamaria Ciubară, also has additional world-class guests, notable figures from the discipline of psychiatry and associated fields, who provided lectures in plenary during the conference.

As in previous years, participation in the European Conference of Psychiatry and Mental Health "Galatia 2022" did grant participants continuing professional training credits.

In the year 2023, the European psychiatry and mental health conference known as "Galatia" will continue its analysis and discussion of all key issues in the domains of psychiatry and mental health. Organizers are now working on an interesting scientific program that will include a significant number of seminars and lectures that will examine the current scientific and technological revolution. Delegates will definitely benefit from the most recent research data, the best presentations from experts in all fields of mental health, high-quality scientific content, interaction between mental health professionals and other health and social care professionals, and relevant peer-to-peer networking. 


President of the Conference,
Prof. dr. habil. Anamaria CIUBARA



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